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MortgageCare brochure
Download a PDF copy of the MortgageCare brochure here

Pays your mortgage payments (and a bit more if you wish) if you are unable to work due to accident, sickness or unemployment.

Priced at:

  • £3.61 per £100 monthly benefit for accident and sickness or unemployment only cover, or
  • £5.49 for accident, sickness and unemployment.

(Premiums quoted are payable monthly.)

Monthly benefit payable free of income tax (under current legislation).

Cover can continue until the sooner, your 65th birthday, retirement or the date you no longer hold a mortgage.

No medical questions to answer to qualify for cover (subject to a moratorium on any pre-existing conditions).

Benefit payable directly to you to do with as you wish.

You can choose the amount of your monthly benefit, subject to a maximum benefit of the lesser of £1,800, or 75% of your gross monthly income.

Your monthly benefit can include up to 25% more than your monthly mortgage repayment to cater for any related life assurance or investment contracts.

Please note that Universal Provident is no longer accepting new business for MortgageCare. Product details are shown for information purposes only.


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