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Cushion the effects of serious incapacity - for the rest of your life.

Full benefit is payable if you become severely incapacitated and cannot perform at least three of the following everyday tasks -

  • wash yourself
  • dress yourself
  • feed yourself
  • move from room to room/ bed to chair

Full benefit is also payable if you suffer from mental impairment.

Half benefit is payable if your incapacity means that you cannot perform two of the tasks listed above.

Benefits are payable tax free under current legislation.

Benefits are payable directly to you, so you can use the money however you wish, be it for care fees, home helps or even to pay a family member who gives up work to look after you.

No premium to pay once the benefit is being paid.

Once the benefit is in payment it increases in line with inflation every year (to a maximum of 5% p.a.)

We may also pay for specialist equipment or home improvements.

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