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Choices is a flexible Private Medical Insurance plan that allows you to build a level of cover to suit your needs

As much - or as little - cover as you want/can afford.

Inpatient only cover module includes MRI, CT and PET scans.

We have three hospital scales, so you don't pay extra to insure against the cost of staying in expensive Central London hospitals when you know you will never need to.

One of the most extensive hospital lists on the market.

A wide selection of excesses, which gives you options to reduce your premium if so desired.

A unique 90-day wait option, providing full cover for many common conditions at a fraction of the cost of standard private health insurance.

We have a generous scale for specialist fees, resulting in fewer shortfalls on claims than many of our competitors.

Our inpatient options include Full Refund or 90 day wait. For outpatient treatment there is a choice of Full Refund or £500 annual limit.

Please refer to pages Chronic Conditions, Pre-existing Conditions and Cancer Statement for details of our stance on these subjects.

Please note that Universal Provident is no longer accepting new business for Choices. Product details are shown for information purposes only.


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