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IncomeCare brochure
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0800 668 1312
Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

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To notify your claim you should contact us within 30 days of the date of your accident or the start of your illness. We will explain the procedure and send you the appropriate forms to complete.

You can contact us at the following address:-

Universal Provident Limited
John Ormond House
899 Silbury Boulevard
Central Milton Keynes

Telephone: 0800 668 1312
Fax: 0845
120 1027

Throughout your claim, to substantiate your entitlement to benefits, you must provide us with

  • medical certificates issued by a United Kingdom registered medical practitioner, and
  • any other documentation we may reasonably require.

Medical certificates must be sent to us within 15 days of issue. Other documents must be sent to us within 30 days of being requested to do so.

If we request medical examinations we will meet the cost.

In the course of validating your claim we, or persons working on our behalf, may arrange to visit you. You must make yourself available for such visits.

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