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DentalCare brochure
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Visit your dentist
If your dental practitioner advises that you require treatment, telephone our helpline to request a claim form. You should also inform your dental practitioner of your insurance details.

Please note that certain treatment (implants, treatment for tooth wear and any treatment where the estimated cost is more than £500) covered by this policy must be pre-authorised by us before you have the treatment. If you need to have such treatment please have the following information available when you telephone us:

  • your policy number,
  • the condition being treated,
  • the date you first became aware of the condition,
  • the treatment planned and the estimated cost, and
  • the name of the dental practitioner who will undertake the treatment

Based on the information you provide we will confirm:

  • that the condition and treatment are covered by the policy,
  • that the dental practitioner is approved by us, and
  • the eligibility of the proposed treatment.

We will then send you a claim form, part of which will be completed from the information you have provided.

When you receive the claim form
Ensure that the information already on the form is correct and complete any remaining information within the "Member's Section".

Ask the dental practitioner who undertakes the treatment to complete the "Dentist's Section" of the claim form.

Once the form is complete
Return the claim form to us together with any accounts you may have received for the treatment provided, so that we can reimburse you for the eligible costs you have incurred. Please let us know if you would like us to pay the accounts directly to the dental practitioner. Any additional accounts should be sent to us as soon as you receive them.

Additional claim forms
If further treatment is required

  1. once the last treatment is regarded as complete, or
  2. after a period of six months has elapsed since the last treatment, we will regard this as a new claim and will require a new claim form to be completed and the treatment to be pre-authorised, if appropriate.
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