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Visit your GP
If your GP is able to provide all the treatment that is necessary, no further action will be required as the services provided by a GP are not covered under the policy.

If further treatment is required
If your GP refers you for further treatment (including consultations) you must telephone the Universal Provident helpline on 0800 668 1312 as under the terms of your policy all treatment must be pre-authorised by us.

When you phone us, please have the following information available:

  • your policy number,
  • the condition to be treated,
  • the date when you first became aware of the condition,
  • what treatment is planned at this stage,
  • the name of the specialist, physiotherapist or complementary medicine practitioner you are arranging to visit, and
  • the hospital to be used (if known or if applicable)

We will then be able to discuss your claim with you, let you know what we will do and advise you how you should proceed.

Please note that any authorisation given at this stage is subject to confirmation upon receipt of a full completed claim form. If subsequent information contradicts the information on which our pre-authorisation has been based, your claim may be invalidated.

Wherever possible we will pay all bills direct to the provider of the treatment or services. You must advise the provider of your insurance details before you have the treatment so that they can send their bills to us. You must also check whether direct settlement is available for out-patient treatment. If you have paid for any treatment yourself, we will reimburse you. If your policy is subject to an excess we will deduct the excess from the appropriate bills and advise you to whom the excess should be paid.

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